Yes! All the varieties of air plants we grow and sell will bloom upon maturity with good care and sunlight. We grow and sell exotic species of air plants. One of the main reasons we choose these varieties we offer is because of their beautiful blooms. Each air plant will bloom upon maturity some even change color. Air plants do not have a bloom cycle. Some bloom quicker than others. Some take just days to go through their whole bloom process while some take months. Each variety has a different bloom from the others. Bright indirect sunlight is the key to a good quick bloom cycle. Some air plants can take months to bloom while others can take years. Besides good care and sunlight patience is key. Most air plants only bloom once in their entire life. The bloom is a sign of maturity for the air plant. Once they bloom they will then produce pups. More on pups in another Q&A. Be patient, enjoy the process and happy gardening!!