Why is my iona 3 for 1 green?

Why is my iona air plant 3 for 1 green?

We try to send the 3 for 1 iona air plants more green. Their blooms and color change is only temporary and only happens once in their entire life so we try to send them before so you can enjoy the color change and bloom. The blooms only last about 4 days to a week tops which is why we try to send them more green. A bright indirect sunlight will turn them more red as they grow and mature. The nature of air plants is to only color change and bloom upon maturity and it only temporary but around their bloom cycle it means they are a mature plant and ready to have pups. The mother plant will never change color or bloom ever again in her life but the babies will grow and bloom as they mature. So this is why we try to send them more green so you can enjoy the full color change and bloom as they grow and not us or the inside of a box. Color change lasts a couple weeks. Bloom lasts about 4 days to a week tops. Give them bright indirect sunlight this will help them grow a little faster and bloom faster.


Iona 3 for 1 Mix