We get alot of customer concerned because their airplant has a velvet dusty white coating on it. First assumption is always mold or disease. Its neither. That white dust is actually tiny hairs called tricolms. Tricolms help the airplant to pull moisture out of the air. Airplants that are heavily covered in tricolms are considered “Xeric” varieties. Xeric varieties are considered to handle drier environments easier because of their advantage to pull more moisture out of the air.

Of the varieties we offer Harrissi, Medusa, Capitata, Xerographica and Ionas have the most tricolms. Tectorums have the most visible tricolms. Tillandsia Tectorum look like snowflakes.

So the next time you get an airplant with a white dusty coating don’t try to wipe it off. Its actually their tiny plant super power to help them survive.

Iona airplant showing its tricolms

Iona Air plant showing off its dusty white tricolmshttps://airplantstore.com/product/iona-individual/