Tips for Watering Your Xerographica

Tips for Watering your Xeroprahica

Xerographicas are a Xeric Variety of Air plant. Meaning they can handle drier environments.Xerographicas can succumb to over water easier than other varieties. Overwater is one of the biggest and quickest killers of Air Plants. Best to start slow with the xerographica and either start with the dunk or spraying method. With the dunking method hold your xerographica upside down underwater for a couple seconds. Then remove from the water and let dry upside down allowing the air plant to drain. Do this once a week to start. If you prefer spraying. Focusing on the leaves spray down the air plant a couple times a week. Then drain upside down. Either way is a good start when bringing your new tillandsia into your home. Start slow with watering and increase slowly depending on your environment and the plants needs as it acclimates to its new environment.

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