Large Air Plant Mix of 5


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Wonderful Mixture of 5 Easy care air plants.

We have been working hard to bring you the best variety of air plants we can grow. We have many new varieties available. Please click through our pictures to see the many varieties we offer.

We will choose 5 of our best large air plants for your home.
Easy care!!! Do not need to be in soil. Can put in any container glass, wire, plate, metal, stone, wood, the ideas are endless as long as it is waterproof.
Can be planted outside in warmer temperatures, partial shade or bright indirect light. Place in your favorite tree next to your hammock.
Water weekly. Either rinse under running water, or spritz with a water bottle.
Does great in the bathroom near the shower.

This is a mixture of our large variety. Please see pictures for size. We have added a 12″ ruler to help you get a good idea of their size. We will provide you a nice mixture of our best plants available at the time of your order.

I’ve been selling plants for over 13 years. Your more than welcome to ask me any questions about care and I can guarantee your getting a great product.

Plants will Bloom once in their entire life. Once the plant blooms it then usually signifies it is a mature plant and is ready to have a pup or two. Pups will follow the same life cycle as the mother plant. The mother plant will continue to thrive and grow as well. This plant is a xeric variety that means it can handle drier areas. What makes it a xeric variety is the silver velvet like dust on its leaves are tiny hairs called tricolms. These tiny hairs help to pull in as much moisture as possible from its environment. You will still want to mist it every couple days. We don’t recommend soaking xerographicas because they are xeric varieties that have wide leaves and come to you pretty mature. If you notice the plant needs more water up your misting cycles per week. Prefers bright indirect light or shade. No direct sun


Please email us with any questions before or after purchase.
We include our card with simple care instructions and our blog write up at
has some great info on care and we are always here to help you

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 cm


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