Over water is the biggest killer of air plants. Make sure with care and water to  always start slow and increase your water based on the plants needs. You can soak or spray your air plant. If you soak submerge the entire plant under water for 1-2 mins weekly to start. When spraying you will need to mist more often since you are not giving your air plant a heavy saturation. Make sure to focus on the leaves. When done watering always shake off the excess water to avoid center rot.

Environment will overall dictate care for your air plant. In drier areas air plants will demand more water in more humid environments they will demand less water. Sunnier locations will  increase their demand for water while shadier locations will lessen their demand for water. In heated homes during the winter air plants can demand more water. Increase your water slowly based on the plants needs. Leaves curling in on themselves are a sign of needing more water. Brown tips are a sign your air plant needs more water. Start slow and if you need to add another soaking or an occassional misting to increase your watering do it slowly. Soakings stay below 10 mins if you need to increase.

Over water is the biggest and quickest killer of air plants. So start slow. Plants that easily fall apart show the signs of too much water. Air Plants base leaves will come loose over time as that is their old growth. But if layers of leaves fall off or your center falls out that is a sign of too much water.

Also different varieties will  also have different water demands. So make sure to know your varieties and educate yourself on them. Reach out if you have questions anytime.


Air Plant Harrissi showing off open leaves

Harrissi with open leaves shows it is well hydrated