No you do not have to fertilize your air plant, but it doesn’t hurt. Air plants in nature get fertilizer from organic material. Air Plants don’t need fertilizer but it does give them a little more muscle. Fertlizer helps them grow a little faster, bloom a little faster.

Can I use miracle grow? No. Air plants benefit from fertilizer but are also very sensitive to it. Too much or too strong a solution can burn them up. Orchid fertilizer is ok to use but make sure to water it down before using it. We use a fertilizer specific for air plants and we sell it in our shop. We are growing and caring for these plants to bring you the best product we can so a fertilizer does help us.

How to use. We sell a condensed version in our shop. You will want to water it down we send instructions on the bottle. Its a couple drops per ounce of water. Only fertilize your plants once a month or every other week at most. Our air plant fertilizer is a 9-7-6.


Fertilizer for your Air plants

Fertilizer for your air plants